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Tondimeccanica was founded in 2013 as a division of Tondisolanti, and specializes in the made-to-order production of items obtained by computer numerical control milling on aluminum alloys, composites, and plastics. We offer our customers the know-how of an experienced team, state-of-the-art machinery and an extremely precise, timely and reliable working method. Our lean and flexible organization combined with in-depth knowledge of the materials processed allows us to develop innovative solutions that integrate different composites to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market.

Your one-stop-shop for your every need

We take care of every stage of your product development:
• costing based on STEP files and PDF or DWG DXF tables supplied by the customer
• design with parametric 3D modeling software and 5-axis CAM for toolpath planning and programming
• simulation on the workshop’s digital twin to prevent programming errors and verify machining outcomes
• milling using 9 continuous 5-axis CNCs with machinable volumes from 550 x 1050 x800 mm
to 10000 x 3000 x 500 mm
• on-board inspections, complete testing when the part is completed and CMM inspection of the part
with issuance of measurement certificate, according to customer requirements
• logistics and shipping with coding for goods reception.

Why working with us is a good idea

We combine expertise, engineering, materials manufacturing and machining experience in high-tech fields such as robotics, semiconductors, packaging and medical. Interdisciplinarity allows us to have a broader view on processes and products and to work synergistically with our customers to optimize both the design and manufacturing phases.

The Lean Cost program, used to calculate the price based on the characteristics of the item, combined with the computerized management system, ensures maximum quality and efficiency in the process of costing, production, and delivery.

Enthusiasm, a passion for what we do and customer-first approach are the basis of our commitment to always achieving an excellent product while respecting the professionalism and values of all stakeholders involved.


Our services
for your business

We invest consistently in research and development and use advanced tools to ensure the highest quality standards at all times.

• 10 CAM 3d workstations that can meet any production requirement, monitor the progress of orders and ensure compliance with quality standards.
• 3 and continuous 5-axis CNC milling to work on multiple surfaces simultaneously.
• production of components from 10mm size up to 10000mm.
• metal surface treatments: anodizing, hard anodizing and nickel plating.
• nesting software for computerized optimization of sheet metal cutting
• machine monitoring systems to measure vibrations, possible interferences, movements and accelerations and check industrial machinery performance in continuous machining processes.
• tests carried out during the production process and final testing
• temperature-controlled metrology room and supply of product dimensional certificates.

Excellence in milling

We guarantee:
• high repeatability and machining precision
• wide array of materials including composites, plastics and alluminum alloys
• ability to create complex shapes and fulfill tolerance requirements
• constant monitoring of the production lines
• adherence to established delivery times
• product traceability and repeatability
• single point of contact from design to finished product

Machined materials:
• Aluminum alloys: 5083, 6082, 7075
• Plastics: Teflon, POM, PET
• Glass fiber and polyester resin composites: GPO3
• Glass fiber and epoxy resin composites: G5, G10, G11, FR4, FR5, AS200
• Glass fiber and phenolic resin composites: AS300


10,000+ new parts produced every year

We produce aluminum alloy parts for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. We use the most suitable technologies for each type of component: from the most traditional 5-axis machines to vacuum machines for plates, to palletized machines for milling from solid blocks or extrusions. We handle industrial anodizing, hard anodizing and nickel plating treatments on aluminum alloys.

We produce POM parts for the safety modules of welding robots and components for automotive manufacturers, meeting very high standards of precision and repeatability. Each batch is accompanied by measurement reports made on production samples or on the whole production based on potentially critical issues.

We produce parts for the structures and moving parts of inspection machines in the pharmaceutical field. The parts are fully tested and minutely inspected to detect cosmetic as well as industrial defects.

We make components for insulation in transformer cores, components for electrical cabinets of hydroelectric or utility plants, such as baffle-type separators, bus bar supports, insulating crosses, air conveyors, and threaded components made of insulating material. We use mostly glass fiber composites-polyester or epoxy resins.

We make insulating and mechanical components for steel mill plant construction. Insulating cylinders and plates for electrode holder arms of arc furnaces made of fiberglass and high-temperature resins, components for mica electrode clamps. PET and bakelite cloth components for mechanical parts of slides and skids.

We make components for pumps and compressors used in the marine, petrochemical and semiconductor industries. We make pump bodies from Teflon, flanges and fittings from insulating material, impellers from fiberglass, and impellers from billet polypropylene.

Our expertise and versatility makes us the ideal partner for many different businesses including small and medium enterprises, multinational companies and research centers in Italy and Europe.

Registered office
Via Cardinale Elia Dalla Costa, 15
Villaverla 36030 (VI),

Operational headquarters
Via del Lavoro, 61,
Malo 36034 (VI),
Tel. +39 0445 1690099

Tondimeccanica Srl
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